"Thanks for bringing the superb Musikgarten programme to NZ.  It has provided such joy for our children, as well as providing such a fantastic foundation for their learning."

"I really enjoy coming to the Toddlers classes with my daughter, and I’m really impressed by her development and progress.  A lot of the things she is learning, particularly her vocabulary, have been through your Musikgarten classes.  I am seeing the educational benefits plus she really enjoys the classes!"

"Miss Nicole is outstanding!   She's great at engaging children in her very enthusiastic, charming way and she also has a wonderful way of controlling their not so helpful behaviour in a very subtle but effective way. I guess it's her kindergarten training coming through. We are very, very sorry not to be in her class anymore, as Emily thinks she's absolutely wonderful."

"My son gets so much out of Miss Jessica's classes.  I'm not sure if he's always that focused and well behaved for her, but he's enjoying the new musical challenges of Music Makers 1 and he also likes the fact he has homework (his school has a no homework policy which he's disappointed in ... so Musikgarten homework is very loved!)."

"I just wanted to use this opportunity to express how much joy we have attending the classes and we have highly recommended to all our friends.  In particular, I would like to thank Miss Jeanette who has been James's teacher. She has shown an incredible amount of compassion, and understanding for James's unique challenges and taken him for who he is without any judgment. James still talks about her and will always remember her.  She is one of the people who does the teaching in such a natural way and her love for music has really been passed on to James for life."

"I am really sad to say that we will be returning to Australia to live and so we will not be enrolling our son for another term of Musikgarten.  Of course, I am devastated to be leaving our darling Miss Nicole as Rowan has adored her since our first session. She has been gentle, patient and completely gorgeous and her positive influence in Rowan's life will be seen for many years to come, I'm sure.  As you know, we enrolled Rowan in music classes to help with his speech development as he was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and had extensive hearing impairment at birth. Rowan's hearing is still not perfect but it is very finely tuned and we know his Musikgarten classes are the reason for this."

"Thank you so much for guiding my daughter with her music.  She is thriving with your classes."

"Thank you for your enthusiasm!  My son’s musical foundation has been well established due to your delightful classes."

"Thank you for all you put into the lovely, fun lessons.  My son has learned so much!"

"Thank you for all that you give in our Musikgarten class.  My son’s love of music is certainly growing and much of what he does each day has his own music included!  We enjoy and value the environment you create."

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